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Atkinson Farm

We are strongly committed to the preservation of the environment through our farming practices. To help ensure the future of our farmland, we use the latest and best farm management practices, including no-till farming, soil organic matter retention, precision farming, and manure management.

Land Preservation & Conservation Tillage. Through the use of no-till farming, we preserve more water, increase soil nutrient retention, store more carbon in our soil, and prevent soil erosion. The end results are higher-yielding and better crops.

Soil Health. Enhancing the health of our soils is another top priority. We strive to increase and take advantage of soil organic matter, which yields several benefits. First, organic matter increases water and nutrient holding capacity, improving the structure of the soil. That, in turn, boosts soil productivity and crop yields. More importantly, according to the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service, increasing organic matter helps reduce CO2 levels and the severity of drought, flood, and disease.

Precision Farming. The days of wasted seed, fertilizer, and fuel are coming to an end. Through the use of precision guiding systems, we can more accurately plant, cultivate, and harvest our fields. That results in stronger yields, lower costs, and better field performance.

Manure & Nutrient Management. We understand that manure is a valuable, natural fertilizer, so we take full advantage of it. To minimize the impact of our cattle feeding operation, we recycle animal waste back into crop production. That relieves the accumulation of manure and its by-products from our feedlots and distributes them to our fields. We further ensure that our manure is spread evenly over our fields, which avoids over-fertilization and helps prevent potential water contamination from runoff.

In all, our farming practices help achieve cleaner air and water, build healthy soils, and reduce chemical applications.